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    “Live” tap beer MAXBIER from the own brewery under German standards!

    Our malt beer is brewed under the original Bavarian recipes: light, dark, wheat, cherry. Each month our guests drink almost 15 tons of beer!

    Пиво солодовое Maxbier

    Светлое ячменное пиво - MaxLager


    Light barley non-filtered beer brewed according to the classic brewery technologies, will please you with its complex flavor of caramel and light barley malt and slight bitterness of the noble hop. Clear and full taste of this foam beverage wll create friendly atmosphere and lift the spirits of all your company.

    Extract content of the original wort/gravity - 12,0%
    Alcohol content - 5,0%

    Светлое фильтрованное пиво - MaxLager Filtered

    MaxLager Filtered

    Light filtered beer brewed according to the classic brewery technologies. Clear, light and fresh taste allows to appreciate its worthiness in full extent. Modern filtration technologies allowed us to remove yeasts from the beer, and its taste acquired a peculiar sparkle and milder flavor. 

    Extract content of the original wort/gravity - 12,0%
    Alcohol content - 5,0%

    Светлое пшеничное пиво - MaxWeizen


    Light wheat beer brewed not only with barley malt but also with the wheat malt. Main peculiarity of Weizen is its higly pleasant and delicate taste with slight hop bitterness and a complex bouquet containing spiced-fruit flavors. Beer acquires all these perfect qualities owing to the use of the wheat malt and top yeasts. Beer of this brand is popular in Bavaria, people there prefer it to be non-filtered and contain yeast deposit, which does not settle in the same manner as in the Lager beer, therefore wheat beer is sometimes called “white”.

    Extract content of the original wort/gravity - 13,0%
    Alcohol content - 4,8%

    Тёмное пшеничное пиво - MaxDunkel


    Dark non-filtered wheat beer combines slight hop bitterness and sweetness of the beer wort accompanied with the light spicy and caramel flavours. Upon its brewing, special roasted black malt is used which replenishes beer with delicate bitterness and unique dark chocolate color; due to the high extract content of the original wort beer taste becomes full and rich.

    Extract content of the original wort.

    Вишнёвое ячмнное пиво - MaxKriek


    Cherry barley beer brewed with addition of the natural cherry juice, which replenishes beer with cherry flavor and rich red color. Refreshing light taste will please not only ladies, but gentlemen as well.

    Extract content of the original wort/gravity - 10,5%
    Alcohol content - 3,5%

    Beer Maxbier in Maximilian restaurants is brewed according to the traditions of the oldest western beer houses!

    Brewery pots of the Maximilian brewery house

    Варочные котлы пивоварни Максимилиан

    The heart of each brewery house is its brewery pots, that is why in our restaurant they are placed in the center of the hall, behind the bar counter, so that you could observe the brewing process while enjoying flavor of the freshly-brewed beer.

    Beer gravity (extract content of the original wort) is one of the key factors of the beer. Beer gravity expressed in percentage is indicated on every beer label. Beer gravity is virtually the percentage of malt sugar content in the malt, or “extract content of the original wort” with which fermentation commenced.

    Strength. Alcohol in beer is developed by the brewers’ yeasts. Malt sugar contained in the malt transforms into alcohol and carbon dioxide under the influence of yeasts activity. Alcohol content in beer varies from 3.5 to 5, and is expressed in percents.

    Пивоваренное оборудование

    All equipment applied in the restaurants of the MAXIMILIAN chain is manufactured in Bavaria, Munich – international capital of brewing!


    Special water purification system was developed for our brewery: softening, deferrization, sterilization, carbon and mechanical filters. Therefore, we obtain water, which ideally fit for the brewing process.


    Main type of the brewing malt is barley, which was steeped, sprouted and dried for transformation of insoluble starch into soluble substances and malt sugar. There is also wheat, rye and other types of malt.

    For our brewery the malt is supplied by the German company «Ireks» from Kulmbach city.

    This globally known malt house specializes in the production and supply of high-quality malt, which is recognized as one of the best in the world. Our restaurant chain is the only one in St. Petersburg, which is supplied with this malt brand for brewing. Our specialists carry out independent control over dispatching of the best batches.


    One more of the key ingredients is hop. In ancient times a large variety of herbs was applied as a flavor additive for beer brewing. However, at present time the hop became an integral ingredient of the beer due to the fact that beer brewed with hop not only acquires bitterish taste and flavor, but is also characterized by high microbiological activity.


    Fermentation process during beer brewing is generated by the yeasts activity, which were specially grown and delivered from Munich, Germany. We apply two types of yeasts: top yeasts, which are applied for “Weizen” and “Dunkel” brewing, and bottom yeasts – for “Lager” beer brewing.


    1. The process of beer brewing is performed in the center of the hall behind the bar counter, in two pots: wort copper and filter tank.

    2. Fermentation and maturation of beer occurs in the premises of the brewery plant behind the glass partition, in the fermentation taks – cylindro-conical vessels (CCV). Each tank has a capcity of 2000 liter.

    3. Fermentation and post-fermentation process lasts within 3-4 weeks, it is controlled in terms of extract decrease, increase of carbon dioxide and alcool content, lighting degree, and, finally, flavor, taste and foam retention taken from the post-fermentation tanks.

    4. Finished beer is forawarded to the tanks located in the restaurant hall, and then it passes through the copper pipes across the whole restaurant above the guests’ heads to the beer taps in the bar.

    Пивные краны

    Beer tastes well, in MAXBIER it tastes even better!


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