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  • Maximilian


    In June 2014, Restaurant-brewery «Maximilian», one of the major establishments of the chain, was opened near the subway station «Ozerki». Now the residents of the Vyborg district have a restaurant with a wonderful Austrian-Bavarian cuisine, concerts of the «stars» and, of course, freshly brewed beer Maxbier within walking distance. Five beer brands are brewed in the private brewery right in the restaurant: MaxLagerFiltered - light barley filtered, MaxLager — light barley, MaxWeizen — light wheat, MaxKriek — cherry barley, MaxDunkel — dark wheat.

    Spacious hall has a seating capacity of up to 450 guests, thanks to podiums, partitions, corner sofas, the guests do not interfere with each other, and feel very comfortable. Plasma panels are dispersed over tables, so that the football broadcasts can be seen from every corner of the hall. The restaurant is ideal for celebrating a wedding, a banquet or a birthday. For those who want more intimate atmosphere, we can offer the VIP-cabins for companies of 10-12 people, and a cozy VIP-lounge with its own projector and large screen - for banquets, corporate events or weddings. At the restaurant entrance, a spacious summer terrace is opened. The guests with children are also in mind: there is a children's menu and a children's playroom.

    In the center of the hall there is a large stage with professional lighting and sound: every Friday and Saturday we offer you the «live music» - the best musicians from St. Petersburg are playing with their cover-programs, and several times a month we invite you to the concerts of the superstars. Right in front of the stage there is the pride of the restaurant - the caldrons for beer with glass walls, designed by special order in Germany. This is where the unfiltered beer of the company is brewed. Thanks to the glass walls - brewing in Maximilian turns into a real show, one of a kind in St. Petersburg.

    Restaurant menu menu contains all the best dishes of Austria and Bavaria. For trying all once, we recommend you to order a big Bavarian plate for a group, which includes a myriad of food: ribs, pork foreshank, meat loaf, sharp grilled sausages, assorted sausages, pretzel, side dishes and sauces. Sausage lovers should pay attention to the large assortment of sausages, Vienna braid or One meter of the Bavarian sausages (serving is as impressive as its taste!). In addition, we have a real Italian pizza in our menu cooked in a stone oven, which stands right in the hall, homemade pasta, fish and meat from our own smokehouse, mussels of different varieties, crayfish, boiled in dark beer, steaks and even khachapuri made on the basis of Georgian recipes. And this is only a small part of the menu!

    Talking about «Maximilian», it is impossible not to mention another offer totally unique for St. Petersburg. It is called «Bavarian table» and is represented by a table for 14 people with the built-in beer taps, which are connected to the beer kegs (up to four simultaneously). Here you can feel yourself a real barman and pour beer for yourself and your friends! And, pouring beer by yourself, you pay one and a half times less, and the pleasure you receive will be 2 times more!

    Frequent guests of the chain like to say that the «Maximilian» restaurant is the atmosphere of the «Oktoberfest» throughout the year. This is, perhaps, the best definition!


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